Story about Engineering Dreams

Ingine Ensight

Ingine Ensight has a very special mission : To empower entrepreneurs, engineers and businesses.

We like to work in various sectors for incorporating innovations which will lead to establishing them as a unique, successful and profitable organization, where work will be much better than the daily grind and everyone can experience 'loving going to work' like we do!

We are planning to work in nine sectors, both technical and non-technical. We believe Ingine Ensight will bring unprecedented value (We call it an -Engineering Effect) not just to each department but to that specific sector and inspire peer companies to desire for that extra value in their service/product.

We Believe Business is about People

People you work with (The Team) and People you work for (The Customers).

Core Team

Engineers who made it happen

Pratik Dhumal


Aniket Nalawade


Jitendra Choudhary


Umesh Mulik

COO, Brandsmug

Sagar Magar

COO, Engineer Souls

Prasanna Bhoite

COO, Ashtapailu Sports