Area of work

Believe Us, Everything Needs to be Engineered

Marketing Solutions

BrandSmug is a team of digital marketers, web developers and search engine specialists, who understand how the internet “thinks” and works. We have joined forces to create a full-service marketing agency that utilizes the massive power of the internet for the benefit of our clients.

Ashtapailu Sports Complex

Ashtapailu is a fresh and young sports management experts having sports facilities across Pune including cricket, football, tennis, badminton and many other sports.

Engineer Souls

Our aim is to initiate the process of creative thinking in future engineers and build a potential team who will share our vision of self-reliable engineers with the same passion through the skill development program. At Engineer Souls, you will get all the positives of Engineering which are overshadowed in today's hyped world. Also bringing the attention towards the current scenario of Engineers and the exciting opportunities that Engineering provides, which is not utilized up to to the potential.

EvolvD Technologies

Evolv D is established with the aim to provide smart display solutions for advertising and marketing of any business products or services. Promotions and advertising are crucial to retail marketing, however traditional marketing avenues siphon away a large part of retail budgets. In this great competitive retail market, we provide special display solutions and services to promote your own products to the market.


We support rigorous research that contributes to the solution of significant education problems in India. Through our research initiatives, we engage in research activities and realistic programs that will result in the provision of high-quality exposure for all students, improvement in student academic achievement, and academy- Industry relations