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Mechanical Research



Our team goes after mechanical engineering’s toughest challenges, and what they find influences science and changes lives. We are solely dedicated to Research, Invention and Innovation; working for the real life challenges and requirements which will results in the new products development. The integration of the research work and skill development program will work together in a synergy for the mission 2020 and help India to transform into a developed nation.

Our aim is to initiate the process of creative thinking in the future engineers and build potential team who will share our vision with the same passion through skill development program.

Fully developed and equipped automotive labs for various Engineering Institutes, will be useful in giving theoretical as well as practical knowledge under one roof and provide a platform for development under a mechanical theme based Ambience. Commercial surveys will help us to find out the root cause of recent problems faced by the Society. It will also help as a guideline to work further.


We endeavor to be recognized globally for outstanding research leading to well qualified engineers, who are innovative, entrepreneurial and successful in advanced fields of mechanical engineering to cater the ever changing industrial demands and social needs.


  • To meet real life challenges through engineering solutions by new products development.
  • To maintain state of the art research facilities to provide collaborative environment that stimulates with opportunities to create, analyze, apply and disseminate knowledge.
  • To impart the process of creative thinking in the engineers
  • To educate engineers about professional & ethical responsibilities and train them to build leadership and entrepreneurship qualities for their career development.
  • To serve society through innovation and excellence in research and skill development.
  • Motivating engineers to excel by augmenting their knowledge to continuing education program
  • Inculcating the feeling of oneness and service to humanity, in the minds of engineers to serve the society better.