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An Exclusive Skill Development Workshop on IC Engine

Is Mechanical Engineer a Mechanic?

7 Different Engine : 1 Mission : Make their creators believe in themselves again.

Be the HOPE ! Be an ENGINEER !

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Engineers transform scientific knowledge and good ideas into workable solutions – on every scale and in all walks of life, to any problem and challenges you dare to name.The purpose of this workshop is to initiate a process of creative thinking and its application to real world when it comes to the Mechanical Engineering specifically Automobile sector.

Our Remarkables

  1. Bharat Stage Norms : “Helping India Breathe Clean Air”

  2. Things You Need To Know: Checklist for Mechanical Engineer!

  3. Motorcycle being Intelligent than Rider?

  4. Valve Timing Diagram: Industry’s Perspective.

  5. Technology: Complex yet Simple!

  6. Awareness of recent top technologies incorporated in two wheelers.

  7. Daily life issues with your ride!

  8. Practical session including hands on different engines.

  9. Certificate of Participation by I-ERA Pvt. Ltd.



Mind Your Engine

  • Story of engines
  • Theoretical Concepts.
  • Valve Timing Diagram
  • Construction of an I.C. Engine.
  • Introduction to tools.
  • Hands on.
  • Power Transmission Flow
  • Technologies Incorporated.
  • Two wheeler Mafias.

Advanced M Y E

  • History and development of automobiles.
  • Classification of engines.
  • Nomenclature of an I.C. Engine.
  • Engine performance parameters.
  • Working of an I.C. Engine.
  • Systems of an I.C. Engine.
  • Modern Technologies.
  • Hands On.


  • Design flow.
  • Types of bikes.
  • Parts of vehicle.
  • Introduction to chassis of vehicle.
  • Systems in vehicle.
  • Alternative Fuels.
  • Bharat Stage.
  • Things you need to know.
  • Group discussions.
  • Be your own Boss: Competition for own company formation and Product design.


  • Induction
  • Theory of I.C. Engine and vehicle.
  • Practical:
    • Layout of IC Engine
    • Power Transmission Flow
    • Structure of motor bike.
  • Design projects.
  • Commercial surveys.
  • Soft Skills
  • Presentations
  • Guest Lectures
  • Documentation

Hands On

Today’s engineers have very good theoretical Knowledge regarding the mechanical engineering field and they are capable to hold on to the same. But, when it comes to practical world they need exposure about current industrial condition.

Hands on experience will help you to get the practical demonstration of a specific part which will give you the understanding of the construction of that part. It will also give you an idea of how the product and specific part is designed. It will give you the Hand skills required for our field.

Our Mechanical Research Department gives you the opportunity to think creatively about anything and then its application in real world.


Today is an exciting time to be a part of the automobile industry , even though the demands on the business have never been greater. Customer expectations of vehicle quality , reliability , safety, and utility are at an all-time high. At the same time, worldwide overcapacity has put pressure on the industry to maintain, and even reduce, vehicle price. The industry may be slow but new technologies for vehicles are appearing at a blistering pace.

Advance Technologies plays an important role to fulfill the demands of the current automobile industry. They provide the better and smarter products than the previous one. They are taking full control on automobile industry.


115cc-4 speed

  • Displacement 115cc
  • 7.8 ps @7000 rpm
  • 8.1 Nm @600 rpm
  • CDI Technology
  • Manual 4 speed gearbox


  • Displacement 124cc
  • 8 bhp @7000 rpm
  • 9 Nm @5500 rpm
  • CVT Technology
  • Automatic gearbox

145cc-5 speed

  • Displacement 145cc
  • 14.5 ps @6500 rpm
  • 12.75 Nm @6500 rpm
  • DTSI Technology
  • Manual 5 speed gearbox

147cc-5 speed

  • Displacement 147cc
  • 12 ps @7500 rpm
  • 10.5 Nm @6500 rpm
  • Manual 5 speed gearbox

149cc-5 speed

  • Displacement 149cc
  • 15 bhp @9000 rpm
  • 12 Nm @6500 rpm
  • DTSI Technology
  • Manual 5 speed gearbox

156cc-5 speed

  • Displacement 156cc
  • 12.8 bhp @8000 rpm
  • 12.45 Nm @6500 rpm
  • Manual 5 speed gearbox


  • Hands on experience of IC engine
  • Determination of Future scope in automotive industry.
  • Diagnosing of the problem when your ride is stalled
  • Able to relate theoretical and practical concepts of IC engine
  • Clarification of myths about IC engine
  • Lifetime assistance for technical guidance.
  • Project ideas in automobile sector
  • Help in defining problem statement & selection of last year academic projects.


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